Fall 2017 Landscape Report

November 6, 2017  News
Nov 062017
✉ by Kathy Mitton, Landscape Chair


Landscaping has been relatively uneventful in 2017. We are on target to complete the year at or under budget.

Two refreshes were completed — one is the narrow strip on Via Sempreverde across from the north pool and the other is the mid parking area of Via Sempreverde. The strip across from the pool had new plantings added as it is irrigated. The parking area had repairs made to fix erosion problems and a new coating of granite was added.

We had minimal irrigation problems this year and about half of them were leaks at the south pool. Thanks to all of you who did note a problem and quickly reported it! Please continue to do so. We did have issues with aging timers which resulted in areas getting quite dry before we realized the valves weren’t operational. If you happen to notice an overly dry area, please contact me so we can investigate whether one of the valves is sticking. I will be soliciting help from community members to watch irrigated areas for leaks and failure to irrigate. We have over 9 areas that are irrigated with some areas having more than one schedule associated with it. I’d love to see an owner per area/schedule. If you are interested in helping, please contact me.

We did have an overly active year of packrats — particularly in the 3rd and 4th quarters. This in part was due to our healthy rains this summer. Over 87 nests were addressed. Remember that you can discourage packrats in your yard by ensuring that you keep packrat friendly hiding places removed. This includes stacked bricks and wood, low hanging thick plants such as rosemary. If you leave fruit on the ground from a fruit tree, this will attract packrats as well so ensure you discard any fruit that falls from your trees. Remember you are allowed to keep the area behind your wall weed free if it is flat (up to 12′). Keeping that area clear also discourages packrats as generally they don’t like to cross open areas.

Our heavy summer rains also contributed to active weed growth and over 30 homeowners were notified of weedy yards needing cleanup. All homeowners addressed the problem (thank you). We all benefit from the tidy appearance of our HOA so keep up the good work. Don’t forget that even if you are away, you are responsible for ensuring weeds in your yard are removed in a timely fashion.

Thanks to all of you who help us keep our community looking terrific. If you have any questions about your yard, contact me or consult  Yard Rules and Regulations. Also as a reminder you may not trim any trees behind your homes in common area without permission. You can be fined and/or required to replant if you do so. Please ensure you are working with the landscape chair if you need to trim trees for view.