Nov 072017

Desperately Seeking a Treasurer

The nominating committee has had the pleasure of talking with a number of homeowners about upcoming board and committee openings. To those of you who have taken the time to further explore the volunteer opportunities, thank you! While we have made progress getting volunteers for some slots, we are still actively searching for a Treasurer. You do not have to be a full time resident to be Treasurer as this position can be done anywhere because everything is on-line. This position does NOT require a finance or CPA background, however, you should be comfortable with financial statements. If you have ever managed your own finances you can probably do this job! (Remember we have a bookkeeper who does the heavy lifting).  Several of our past Treasurers did not have financial backgrounds and were still successful in this position. This volunteer position will take 8-10 hours a month of your time. Please consider taking on this volunteer opportunity.

While our most urgent need is a treasurer, other committee positions which do not require being on the board are also still open (maintenance committee member, bank statement reconciliation manager, assistant to secretary and more!)  Remember many hands makes small work for each and the fewer hands we have the more we have to outsource for fees.

Please contact Kathy Mitton ✉ Kathy Mitton, Nominations Chair Phone: or Larry Spencer ✉ Larry Spencer, Secretary Phone: if you can help.