Dec 212018


The Board meets on the third Monday of every month at 3:30 PM in the clubhouse, and all homeowners are welcome to attend. Below are some highlights from the December Board meeting:

Mark Your Calendars!

The annual homeowner meeting will be held Tuesday, February 26th at 7 PM (check in starts at 6:30). This meeting is normally held on the third Monday of February but because President’s Day falls on that day this year we will hold the meeting the following week to accommodate travel schedules.


Treasurer, Tom Kelley, reports we spent about 27k in operating expenses, up from prior month. This is largely due to pool repair work and higher legal fees for the month as a result of the Rules and Regulations update.  The 2019 reserve  budget was approved — it will be approximately 50k.  The finance committee met to discuss how to handle capital expenses that were under 2500 and therefor not part of reserve OR a one time capital expense greater than 2500 which also wouldn’t be part of the reserve.  The committee determined we should add another 10k to handle unexpected capital expenses that are not budgeted for in the reserve and under 2500 and the board approved this. 

Larry Spencer (acting pool manager) noted that there will be a one time bump in both water due to the draining and refilling of both pools and pool maintenance as our former pool company bills post maintenance and our new company bills in advance.

An update was provided on offloading more work to a management company due to lack of volunteers. The committee met, agreed which tasks would be identified as priority one.  A statement of work is being crafted and bids will be solicited early 2019.  As noted before this will not alleviate the need for volunteers but it will change the types of activities volunteers engage in.

Notices for the first half of 2019 dues were mailed and payments are due January 1, 2019.

Home Sales

3 homes are in escrow and 16 homes have been sold this year.

Committee Updates

Architecture Committee

Bill Coan (Architecture Chair) noted that there have been several architecture approval requests including ones for windows, re-painting driveway, lights, and a satellite dish.  The architecture committee has also dealt with a commercial vehicle being parked in the HOA.  Bill mentioned that the approved color samples available to homeowners have been borrowed. Finally Bill noted how much the architecture committee has benefitted from the accumulated and documented history.  The standards and guidelines has been very useful to the group!

Recreation Committee

Larry Spencer (temporary acting Pool Manager) noted that the north pool work is complete.  There are a few spots on the deck that will need to be addressed but we will wait until spring to tackle that as the cold weather we had when the deck was done might have contributed to the 2 problem areas.  The south pool deck work is being postponed till later in the year but the pool will be drained and refilled shortly.  Gate locks will be changed preventing homeowner entry during this maintenance work.  The equipment at south pool has already been replaced (the new filter and the variable pump).

Maintenance Committee

Steve Struck (Maintenance Chair) reviewed several maintenance items that have been completed.  Shower faucet at north pool was repaired, new bulletin boards are at tennis courts, the sound system and projector are in and have been tested, and the south pool ramada has been painted.  Also a light in the clubhouse was fixed and the furnace filter was replaced.  The roof was inspected and it was confirmed that we should go ahead and redo the roof of the clubhouse when it comes due in 2020 per reserve study.   The board agreed to move up the north pool restroom and shower update (originally slated for 2020) since the road work slated for 2019 has been postponed until 2020.

Communications Committee

Kiki Cheney (Communications Chair) noted that starting in 2019 we will no longer assemble (electronically) and distribute a newsletter.  The newsletter is a bundle of articles already published on the web from the prior newsletter time frame.  As such, while it is useful to have the articles compiled and stored in newsletter format for those  not subscribed to web updates and  for the 15 homeowners without email, the information IS available to those who either check the web or subscribe to the web updates.  Because of the lack of a volunteer (s) to assume this task, this is an activity that is going to be dropped.  Kiki will draft an alert to notify homeowners of the need to subscribe to the newsletter and will ensure this is also covered in the annual homeowner meeting packet.


The updated Rules and Regulations document is on the web.  We will send an email blast(alert)  to ensure all homeowners are aware and we will mail hardcopy to those 15 homeowners without email.  Homeowners are responsible for being aware of the CC&Rs, along with the Rules and Regs of the community and are subject to fines when violations occur.

The next Board meeting will be on Monday, January 21.