Dec 262017
The Board meets on the third Monday of every month at 3:30 PM in the clubhouse. All homeowners are welcome to attend. Below are some highlights from the December Board meeting:


Board Personnel

  • We are delighted that Kiki Cheney has joined the Board. Kiki will focus on communications, including web updates. Welcome, Kiki!
  • We are also delighted that Rick Levy has joined the Maintenance committee. Welcome, Rick!


  • Homeowner dues were mailed to residents’ permanent addresses. A reminder that payment is due by January 1st. (If you haven’t received your invoice, please contact ✉ Guy Scharf, President.)
  • Two homes are for sale in SMVE (which has 238 homes) and approximately 10 homes are for sale in all the Fairfield HOAs.
  • Treasurer, Tammy Eversole, reported that we are still below budget for the year by approximately 4%. Reasons for this are lower than expected utilities, security, and administrative costs.
  • The 2018 reserve budget was finalized and approved.
  • The next dues increase was tentatively identified for 2020. Beginning then, inflationary increases will occur annually; this will allow homeowners to budget accordingly and also help improve capital in the Reserve Fund.

Committee Updates

  • Architecture Committee – Guy updated the Architectural Design Notes, a good reference for homeowners who are considering architectural changes. Additionally, the Board approved expiration of approvals of any architectural change not begun within 6 months of the approval.
  • Hospitality Committee – Laura noted what a great event was held in December. Carole Stephan played some beautiful holiday music on her keyboard. Santa attended the event and handed out homemade cookies to attendees. The event was a great kickoff to the the upcoming holidays.
  • Maintenance Committee – Steve is investigating painting the south pool ironwork, re-strapping some south pool chairs, and repainting letters on some of our entrance signage.
  • Recreation Committee – Laura reported that the Pool Committee is still investigating how to address the issue of paint peeling on the pool ladders.
  • Roads Committee – Guy and Steve reported on road work proposed for 2018. The primary target would be Velazquez from Paseo Otono to the Gelsomino intersection. Additional work would include seal coating the newly paved roads.
  • Secretary – Larry reviewed information on how to maximize homeowners’ value in an HOA. Two of the most important actions are to: 1) maximize curb appeal (including entrances to the HOA) and 2) have a reserve fund with sufficient capital.
✉ by Kiki Cheney