Dec 242016
Below are some brief highlights from the December board meeting:

  • No significant security issues occurred recently. Board member Joe Steiner reminded us of importance of keeping our street light lit.
  • Palm trees will be trimmed and two will be removed at south pool on December 26th. Tennis players should use caution if accessing the restrooms at south pool during this work.
  • Alert homeowner Andy Sherman reported the sole irrigation leak in the past month. This was particularly appreciated as it was in a spot that did not leak onto road and therefore would not have been obvious to spot.
  • Approximately 134 homeowners have responded and have been included in homeowner directory which is now available online at (You must be logged in to access the directory). Approximately 70 homeowners have not responded. The online directory will be updated periodically as additions or changes occur.
  • Crack sealing of roads occurred Sunday Dec 19th with a piece of Via Sempreverde to be completed this week.
  • Treasurer Larry Spencer reported operating expenses are still running below budget. He reported that approximately 132 homeowners have already paid their first half 2017 dues. Larry continues to investigate liability insurance and a knowledgeable homeowner, Andy Sherman, has volunteered to provide some expertise in this area.
  • New Finance Committee member Tammy Eversole completed a review of the HOA’s financial processes and submitted a report of results. Tammy has volunteered to reconcile accounts to statements to provide additional separation of duties.
  • Phil Mowbray was named Associate Director. He will be running for full Board Member position during the February Election.
  • The Nominating Committee is still seeking volunteers for board and committee positions. Contact Kathy Mitton if you have any interest.

We wish you happy holidays! Stay tuned for the first Board meeting of 2017 on January 16, 2017!

✉ by Kathy Mitton, SMVE Secretary

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