Aug 292018

Do you use one of our pools on a regular basis? Are you in favor of keeping the pools  in excellent condition?

Would you be willing to serve as “eyes” and “ears” for the community, to make sure the pools  are kept in excellent condition for the benefit of all SMVE homeowners?

We are seeking a new Chair of the Pool Committee to keep the board informed about pool  maintenance issues, and to serve as a point of contact for homeowners who have a concern about the pools. The chair also meets occasionally with the contractor who tests water quality and maintains the pool equipment.

The time commitment involved tends to be around two hours per week, averaging out to around ten hours per month or less.

Twice a year, the chair accompanies the PIMA County health inspector on an hour-long inspection of each pool, but the chair can delegate that responsibility to another volunteer homeowner, if preferred. (Two homeowners with previous pool experience are available to help with the annual inspections, if desired.)

The chair’s most important responsibility is to be aware of changes in pool  conditions that adversely affect homeowner safety or enjoyment. This doesn’t involve a specific task or activity; it just means being attuned to changes requiring attention from the pool contractor or some other contractor.

The ideal candidate for this role is someone who uses the pools on a regular basis, but the only real requirement is that you agree that keeping the pools in excellent condition is vital to the enjoyment of your neighbors and beneficial to all of our property values.

As Pool Chairperson, you’ll help the board allocate the pool budget to where it can do the most good. You’ll have the satisfaction of making life better for everyone who uses the pools. And you’ll get to know more of your neighbors along the way, including other homeowners who volunteer their time in service to the neighborhood.

If you’re feeling neighborly and can commit the time to help your neighbors in this particular way, we would love to hear from you. If you are interested in helping, please contact ✉ Larry Spencer, Secretary or call him at