Nov 202017

by Pam Negri

Territory Drive from Via Velazquez to Craycroft is disintegrating. In fact, the county has designated it as a “failed” road which means it is beyond repair and needs to be rebuilt.

At this time, the county has neither plans nor funds to rebuild “failed” roads such as Territory Drive. The county says it needs more money for road repair/rebuilding, and a sales tax increase is under consideration to acquire it.

What about money already generated from taxes?
In this fiscal year Pima County received $85 million from the Pima County Gas Tax (HURF) and the Vehicle License Tax (VLT) but only $6 million was dedicated for roads. Unfortunately, even though these funds are designated for arterial and “collector” roads (which would include Territory Drive), these monies have already been allocated and Territory Drive is not on the the list of roads that will be repaired/rebuilt with these funds.

Another $8 million is available from a new property tax levied against county roads, but this money will be used to repair “neighborhood” roads. Since Territory Drive is a “collector” road it is not eligible to be repaired using these funds.

The bottom line
Homeowners in the 12 Sunrise HOAs are paying the new property tax in addition to HOA dues but receive no benefit from the funds generated. This, despite the fact that not all roads in HOAs are private, and should receive attention from the county.

What can you do?
“Fix Our Roads” is a petition addressed to Governor Ducey and our state legislators. Its goal is to convince our elected officials to reform the statutes so more of the HURF and VLT funds can be used for road repair instead of departmental salaries and overhead costs. The petition can be found on Supervisor Ally Miller’s website.

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