Feb 282019

Have you ever wanted to sit down to enjoy the view at one of SMVE’s common areas, or to rest before continuing on a walk? If so, you’re not the only one.

A number of SMVE homeowners have approached Jane Spalding, chair of the social committee, to request that a bench be placed in selected common areas for the benefit of all homeowners who walk for exercise and/or physical therapy.

In response, Jane is now in the process of putting together a plan to be presented to the board of directors.

Builders of many homes throughout SMVE provided a concrete bench with each home, and some homeowners have already volunteered to donate their concrete bench for use in a common area.

If you have such a bench and would like to donate it to the HOA, please contact Jane. Also contact Jane if you’d like to suggest a particular common area as a suitable site for a bench.

Donated benches will be evaluated for compatibility with each other and with project goals. Suggested sites will be evaluated based on amount of walking traffic, proximity to other sites, and suitability of each site.

Once a plan has been completed, it will be presented to the board of directors for discussion and review.

✉ Jane Spalding, Chair, Social Committee Phone: