Dec 052018

At the November 19, 2018 board meeting updated Rules and Regulations were approved.  These are now posted on the Documents and Policies tab of the website and you can also view them by clicking here. The Rules and Regulations and Fine Schedule were updated to ensure compliance with current Arizona law.

While most of the rules remain similar to prior versions, you will notice that the fine schedule and in some case the amounts have changed to be more straightforward. For example a fine for weedy lawns was formerly up to 250$ and/or 10$ a day and this has now changed to $100 initial fine with an additional fine every 30 days that the yard isn’t brought into compliance.  A few rules were dropped as they were already adequately covered in the CC&Rs and therefore did not need repeating  in this document or were deemed outside the scope of the HOA.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the fine schedule so you aren’t caught by surprise with a violation.

If you have any questions about the updated rules, please contact  ✉ Kathy Mitton, President, SMVE HOA Phone: .