Sunrise Neighborhood Assistance Program (SNAP) and Sunrise Association Council (SAC)

Revised March 7, 2017

Sunrise Neighborhood Assistance Program (SNAP)

Have you noticed that some of us are getting older? We are fortunate to have an organization to render assistance. SNAP (Sunrise Neighborhood Assistance Program) is an affiliate of the Pima Council on Aging and can help with transportation, visits in-person or by phone, and minor household repairs. You are encouraged to use SNAP’s services. 

SNAP is a dedicated group of your neighbors providing FREE support services to disabled or elderly residents in an area bordered by Craycroft, Sunrise, Kolb/Sabino Canyon, and River Roads. SNAP’s mission is to provide an array of “neighbors helping neighbors” volunteer services, educational programs, and social events that assist and support residents who choose to age-in-place in their own homes—for as long as possible. Any resident (55+) within our area can use SNAP services and participate in SNAP programs and events. SNAP clients pay nothing for services received, thanks to our volunteers.

SNAP also affords us the opportunity to volunteer to help others. Contact them: SNAP’s telephone number is 437-9556; email is . SNAP’s monthly luncheons are held on the last Wednesday of the month at the Sunrise Mountain Ridge clubhouse—meet a neighbor, make a friend.

As an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) organization, SNAP relies on tax deductible charitable contributions. For more information about SNAP, see the Sunrise Neighborhood Assistance Program website or their Spring 2015 Newsletter.

To find out more about SMVE and SNAP, ✉ Email Joe Steiner, SMVE’s SNAP representative.

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Sunrise Association Council (SAC)

Each of the twelve HOAs that comprise “Fairfield in the Foothills” are members of the Sunrise Associations Council (SAC). The Board of Directors of each member homeowners association appoints one Representative and one Alternate to the SAC, each for three year terms.

The SAC provides a forum for the sharing of information common to the interests of member communities, eg. architecture, roads and sidewalks, common areas, safety and security, finance, recreational facilities, CC&R policies and procedures, etc. The SAC also provides a forum for obtaining a consensus on issues which have a common interest to, and impact upon, member communities, and provides a means of communication for presenting these consensus positions to outside agencies.

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