Mar 292018
SMVE will continue its program of reconstructing our roads with work on N. Via Velazquez this May.

That portion of the road which will be worked on begins where Paseo Otono meets N. Via Velazquez and continues south to just beyond the mailboxes where the street intersects with Gelsomino.

The general schedule has work beginning on May 1st and the actual paving being done on May 8th.

The process will be very much like last year’s. The contractor (Tucson Asphalt) will pulverize and remove the existing 2 inches of asphalt and 6 inches of base material. This material will be mixed, laid back down, and compacted. 2 inches of new asphalt will then be laid down. Those good with math will have already figured out that 25% of the material will be hauled away.

The work is estimated to begin on May 1st and continue until it’s finished.

Here are answers to some questions you might have:

When will you be unable to drive on N. Via Velazquez to access your home?

During the initial work of pulverization, grading, and compacting you will be unable to drive in the immediate area of ongoing work. You may have to access your home from a direction different than your usual route.

(You will be able to drive on the street when no work is being carried out – typically before 7 AM and after 5 PM.)

The street is expected to be paved on May 8th. On that day, N. Via Velazquez will be completely closed to traffic – unless there is an emergency.

Will mail delivery be affected?

We anticipate that – except for paving day – the mail carrier will be able to work around the construction and deliver mail to the two mail box areas affected by the work.

Will trash service be affected?

Tucson Asphalt has advised that we keep heavy trucks off the newly paved road for a few days. If the road is paved on Monday, then trash service will occur as scheduled on Thursday. However, if the road is paved on Wednesday, then trash service on Thursday will not happen.

Homeowners who do not live on that portion of N. Via Velazquez being worked on will not have any change in their trash service.

Will there be any street parking available during this week?

NO. Cars parked in the way of construction will be towed at the owner’s expense. Don’t be that person!

What steps can you take to make your life easier during this process?

  • Do not schedule contractors during this period of construction. There will be nowhere for them to park.
  • Try to minimize the number of appointments you make so you needn’t travel as much.
  • Go on vacation!

What should you do if you need special assistance?

If you already know that you will need access during this period (especially on paving day), please contact Steve Struck. As the start date for work approaches, we will let you know who has been assigned to field calls for special needs.

What happens if you ignore traffic barriers?

During last year’s construction a car drove around a barrier and over freshly laid sealing tar. It didn’t end well for the road or the car. Please respect all traffic barriers and the directions of the traffic staff. (You’ll be a good neighbor by not wasting the financial investment your fellow homeowners have made!)

More details will be available as the construction date approaches, and we will share them with you. Thank you in advance for your patience!