Mar 302019
✉ by Steve Struck, Maintenance Chair


If you notice that the lettering on the “Fairfield” sign at the north entrance to SMVE on Sunrise seems to be missing, you’re right. The board has contracted with Cook and Company Signmakers to remove and refurbish the lettering and to install new lighting. The original lettering was made of copper, but over thirty odd years later it has become dented and suffers under several coats of paint that have not weathered well. The letters will be repaired as best can be done, the paint stripped and the top surfaces sanded back to bare copper, leaving a matte finish on their top surfaces. The returns (sides) of the letters will be painted black, then everything will receive a clear protective coating.

The “Fairfield” portion of the lettering was originally back lit by neon light tubes. Some time ago the neon failed and was replaced with flood lights, as neon replacement was prohibitively expensive. However, the flood lights were never very effective as they produced a lot of shadowing, making the sign hard to read at night. The advent of LED lighting makes it economic to return to back lighting the lettering.

While this work is being done, the entire monument and planters will be repainted. As part of this, the topmost “box” of the monument will be painted the original color that we’ve found on old photos and will match a similar monument at the Craycroft entry to Fairfield at the Territory intersection.

The estimated completion of this project is mid-April.