Revised January 4, 2017

We invite all SMVE residents to participate in the available recreational activities.

Tennis: We have two tennis courts—a hard surface court at the North recreation area and a softer, slower court at the South recreation area. You may reserve time to play at the sign-up board at each court. Do sign up so you have priority during the time you wish to play. Please be aware of the rules regarding tennis court use.

Swimming: We have two lovely swimming pools and spas that they are frequently used. Several very dedicated swimmers use the pools daily for exercise. Both pools are in excellent condition; the South pool was refurbished in early 2015. The pools are never crowded, so you are welcome to enjoy the pools anytime during pool hours. (During the scheduled water aerobics class, the North pool is closed to other swimming activities.)  The South pool is not heated in winter months (December – February).

Water Aerobics: Seven to nine people participate in the water aerobics class three days each week–Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday–from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. at the North pool every week from April through September. This is a free activity for our community. Frankie Paulus, a homeowner and water aerobics coordinator, gets everything organized before 8:00 a.m.. Water aerobics is good exercise and also a wonderful way to meet your neighbors and to make new friends. There’s room for more, so join us for a healthy and friendly activity!

Walking: Our 3.2 miles of streets have a sidewalk and many homeowners walk for exercise. If you like a more strenuous walk, you can extend your walk to some steeper roads in nearby HOAs.  Do take care to stay hydrated.  Mornings or evenings will be a better time to walk than mid-day as summer approaches. Many of us have met more of our neighbors while walking than any other way. If you’re walking your dog, please be sure to pick up after him or her (none of us enjoy surprises on the sidewalk or in our yard).

Social Events: The Hospitality Committee hosts regular events at the Clubhouse.  Recently, the “Bring your own beverage and appetizer to share” events have been very popular.  Watch the website and posted notices near the mailboxes for upcoming events.

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