Apr 182017
The Board has updated the Pool and Spa Rules document to include that the gates to the pool area must always be closed and locked. You may not block a gate open so that others may enter the pool area later.  Keeping the gate closed and latched is required by county code, statute, and our insurance.

If you are expecting others to arrive, keep an eye on the gate so you can open it from the inside. To make this more convenient, you will soon be able to open the gate from the inside without a key.

Our pool and spa rules require that you shower before using the pool or spa or before re-entering either after applying sun-tan lotion or other products. We have showers at both the North and South pools for your use. Because the showers are public you should have no expectation of privacy, so please keep your suit on when showering.

Please do not jump directly into the pool after playing tennis, running, or just being sweaty.  Body oils and lotions can contaminate the water more than filters can take care of. The spa may have a lot of foam when overloaded with oils. We must call the pool maintenance service to treat the water with chemicals to return it to a clear, non-foaming state. The fewer chemicals we need to use, the better for everyone.

Please remind your guests that infants and others with diapers are not permitted in the pool or spa. Unfortunately, “leak proof” diapers aren’t; see our Swimming Hygiene page about diapers.

Thank you for helping keep the pool and spa clean and beautiful for everyone.

Click to read the Pool and Spa Rules.

by ✉ Guy Scharf, President, SMVE HOAPhone: ; (cell)