Mar 302019
✉ by Steve Struck, Maintenance Chair


If you notice that the lettering on the “Fairfield” sign at the north entrance to SMVE on Sunrise seems to be missing, you’re right. The board has contracted with Cook and Company Signmakers to remove and refurbish the lettering and to install new lighting. The original lettering was made of copper, but over thirty odd years later it has become dented and suffers under several coats of paint that have not weathered well. The letters will be repaired as best can be done, the paint stripped and the top surfaces sanded back to bare copper, leaving a matte finish on their top surfaces. The returns (sides) of the letters will be painted black, then everything will receive a clear protective coating.

The “Fairfield” portion of the lettering was originally back lit by neon light tubes. Some time ago the neon failed and was replaced with flood lights, as neon replacement was prohibitively expensive. However, the flood lights were never very effective as they produced a lot of shadowing, making the sign hard to read at night. The advent of LED lighting makes it economic to return to back lighting the lettering.

While this work is being done, the entire monument and planters will be repainted. As part of this, the topmost “box” of the monument will be painted the original color that we’ve found on old photos and will match a similar monument at the Craycroft entry to Fairfield at the Territory intersection.

The estimated completion of this project is mid-April.

Mar 282019


Don’t forget tonight’s outdoor concert at 6PM (Friday March 29) at the outdoor area of the clubhouse at North Pool

Featuring the LuftBassoons Quartet, a live concert with a mix of classical, contemporary, and pop

Join us inside after the concert to meet the performers and enjoy light refreshments. Guests are welcome!

Have questions or need a ride? Contact Social Committee member, Carole Stephan.

Her contact information is on the flyers in the neighborhood and in the directory.

BBQ Party!

March 26, 2019  Communication, News
Mar 262019

It’s a Patio Party BBQ!

Wednesday, April 17th

5 Pm – 7 PM at the North Pool*
*The North Pool & Spa will close at 3 PM

The Social Committee will provide hamburgers, bratwurst, and veggie burgers grilled on site, plus all the fixings. You bring your beverage of choice (and remember not to use glass containers near the pool area).

Space is limited to the first 50 residents who RSVP. Please contact Social Committee member, Margie McCoy, by Wednesday, April 10th with what you would like to eat and how many people will attend.

Margie’s contact information is on the flyers at each mailbox area and in the directory.

Mar 252019

Two benches have been installed thanks to bench donations by Mike and Pam Kelley and Lois and Bill Coan. One bench is installed on the west side of Velazquez south of the Gelsomino/Velazquez intersection. The other bench is installed on the east side of lower Sempreverde. Installation was courtesy of Bruce Mitton and Granny Grant. Kudos also go to Jane Spaulding who did a terrific job coming up with criteria for where benches might be located. Jane used that criteria to identify a number of spots, including these two locations.

The benches are for the benefit of all homeowners who walk for exercise and/or physical therapy. The locations are also great if you just want to get outside and enjoy the view.

Builders of many homes throughout SMVE provided a concrete bench with each home.If you have such a solid concrete bench that came with your home and you would like to donate it to the HOA, please contact Jane. Donated benches will be evaluated for compatibility with each other and with project goals.

✉ Jane Spalding, Chair, Social Committee Phone:


Mar 252019

Water Aerobics Begins Tuesday, April 2

Water aerobics classes are held in the North Pool Recreation Area and are open to all SMVE residents.  Classes begin April 2, 2019 and end in October.

  • Meets Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8 to 9 AM starting April 2nd
  • Open to all HOA residents and their accompanied guests
  • No charge
  • Bring your own under the arm board (required) and noodle (optional)
  • No need to sign up in advance
  • Workout audio is provided by the American Arthritis Foundation

Please join us for fun and exercise!

For more information, contact Shelia Sanford .

Volunteers needed!

March 22, 2019  News
Mar 222019

We have a need for volunteers for the following tasks:

  • Helpers to contact homeowners to verify emails, phone numbers, and secondary addresses in preparation for transition to management company. Often homeowners delete landlines, change emails, and change a secondary home address but don’t pass those changes to us. If you can help contact homeowners to validate information so we can transition correct info to the management company that would be a help. We have 238 homeowners so we could use 5-10 volunteers on this task. If you can help, contact Kathy Mitton ✉ Kathy Mitton
  • Volunteers to be trained in setup of the audio visual equipment (sound system and projector). We would like to have several homeowners learn how to setup the sound system and projector as our current expert is only here half the year. If you are interested, training will be provided. Please contact Steve Struck if you can help: ✉ Steve Struck 
Mar 212019

Pool will close early (3PM) in order to setup for the concert (A Little Night Music) which starts at 6PM.

We hope you can join us for what promises to be a delightful evening of music and light appetizers post concert. Check flyers at mailbox kiosk for additional details.

Mar 202019


The Board meets on the third Monday of every month at 3:30 PM in the clubhouse, and all homeowners are welcome to attend. Below are some highlights from the December Board meeting:


Treasurer, Tom Kelley, presented a proposal to reorganize the CD portfolio where much of the reserve fund is held.  His proposal includes opening additional CDs with Bank Of Montreal discontinuing the use of Axos bank where we have a money market account. His proposal was approved.

The committee investigating moving to a management company presented the results of their investigation and recommended the hiring of Cadden.  Base annual cost will be 17k and will replace the 15k we currently spend annually for HBL services and AME management services.  Additional fees are incurred (as we have today) for things like tax preparation, compilation audit, 1099s, copying and postage.  The committee still needs to meet with the assigned manager and have the contract reviewed by legal but the recommendation to proceed was approved.  The presentation is attached at the bottom of this article but it may only be visible on the actual web site and not in your email.

Steve Struck (maintenance and roads) reviewed the proposal to refresh the North Entrance monument.  The proposal includes painting the monument, restoring the letters and backlighting them and is approximately 6k. The board approved this expenditure.

Home Sales

4  homes have been sold in 2019 and 2 are in escrow.

Committee Updates

Architecture Committee

Bill Coan (Architecture Chair) submitted a change to the Architecture Design Standards regarding wall art.  This change was approved and the design notes have been updated to reflect this.

Recreation Committee

Larry Spencer (Recreation Manager) noted that Blue Knight skipped a day cleaning the pool due to the weather and this resulted in the chlorine dropping below acceptable levels.  Larry successfully lobbied Blue Knight to adjust our bill for the month as a result of this error.

Maintenance Committee

Steve Struck (Maintenance Chair) reviewed several maintenance items that have been completed including additional lighting in the South Pool pump and equipment room, the painting of that building after termite treatment, drain cleaning at the North Pool Shower, and more.

Roads Committee

Steve Struck (Roads Committee) noted the acceptance of the ACE RFP for sealcoating the new roads.  The work is scheduled for May 7-8.

Landscaping Committee

Kathy Mitton (Landscape Chair) noted that a project to reduce some water usage will be handled later in the year.  The oleanders on Strada De Acero will be removed and replaced with desert plants and the water will be cut off below the north Sempreverde mailboxes.  This will cost approximately $3500-4000 and will be completed later in the year and covered under the landscape miscellaneous budget.

Security Committee

Phil Mowbray (Security Committee) noted that a successful Neighborhood Watch meeting was held with over 20 homeowners attending. He noted the greatest illegal activity concerning citizens continues to be scams and fraud.



Bill Coan, board member and chair of architecture has resigned for personal reasons.  He has been a huge help and taken on numerous tasks which include helping monitor the 2018 road refresh during the actual paving and volunteering to drive residences to their homes during this time.  Bill also was a tremendous help to the committee investigating south pool security issues and met with numerous experts and has become the camera and security system expert.  All of this is on top of the architecture chair work he has done.  Bill you will be greatly missed and we truly appreciate what you accomplished in your time on the board.

Bill is being replaced by Mike Pratt who will fill out Bill’s term on the board and chair the architecture committee going forward.  Mike has owned a home here for more than 10 years but is only recently retired from Bechtel and is now living here full time.  Mike brings a wealth of experience to the board.  He’s a  Certified Project Manager (Level II) and his experience spans the  the Mining & Metals, Commercial Nuclear Power design & licensing, Defense, and Environmental industries.  Welcome Mike!

Jane Spaulding reported on the progress she has made regarding adding benches to some common areas.  She has identified locations for benches.  Jane has been thorough in her site selection and has considered privacy issues (ensuring a bench location doesn’t look into a home), view issues (ensuring a bench location wouldn’t impair a view of a homeowner),  and spots where rest and view would be most helpful. Two homeowners have agreed to donate benches that meet the criteria (cement).  Jane is currently looking to identify a vendor to supply the remainder.

The next Board meeting will be on Monday, April 15.

Management Company Recommendation presentation (you may need to view this on the web rather than in email):

Download (PDF, 47KB)


Mar 202019

A Blue Nissan Versa, AZ tag BNH4683, has been parked at the North Pool parking lot for several days.  We think it might be abandoned as it appears to have recently been in an accident.  If this vehicle belongs to you, please contact Steve Struck ✉ Steve Struck  as otherwise we will have it towed Friday.


Mar 192019
South pool security cameras are now operational.  A professional security monitoring company will identify intrusions, verify the intrusion is a person, and call the Sheriff if entry occurs after 10pm and before 6am.  Please do not use the pool during closed hours or you may end up talking with the Sheriff!

While only intrusions between 10pm and 6am will result in a call to the Sheriff, be aware that the cameras ARE recording 24×7 so please don’t do anything in the pool area that you wouldn’t want  on tape.

The cameras are focused on capturing entries via the walls and do not have visibility to the shower. You may be interested to know that while the cameras were being tested and the automated alerts to entry were being set up, we had 2 intrusions.   Do be aware that if you step out of the shower and stand next to the brick raised bed planter then you would be visible to one of the cameras.