Apr 272018

Sunrise Mountain View Estates HOA

Road Work Schedule

May 2 – May 18, 2018

Members of the Road Committee and other Board members met with residents yesterday to review the upcoming road project and how it will affect residents.

The area to be paved is Via Velazquez, addresses 5117 – 5447. This is the road from Paseo Otono to the mailboxes at the intersection of Via Velazquez and Gelsomino.

Herewith highlights from the meeting:

  • Work will begin on Wednesday, May 2nd and should finish by Wednesday, May 18th (weather permitting)
  • During the length of the project, no street parking will be permitted from 6 AM – 5 PM in the construction area.  This includes the parking areas! (Any cars on the street during prohibited times will be towed at the owner’s expense. Save your money; don’t park on the street!)
  • If you cannot park in your garage or driveway, then park your car in any of the following areas:
    * on the west side of Gelsomino (the side without a sidewalk)
    * south of the work area on the west side of Velazquez (the side without a sidewalk)
    *on the east side of Paseo Otono (the side with a sidewalk)
  • Residents will be able to drive on the street but should expect delays to accommodate the workers and their equipment
  • EXCEPTION: On Thursday, May 10th the road will be paved and absolutely no traffic will be permitted on the road. No cars will be allowed!
    • For those of you who need to park your car outside the work area on the evening of May 9th, we will have volunteers available to shuttle you from your parked car to your home from approximately 5-8.

* On Friday, May 4th and Monday, May 7th Century Link will take advantage of the road repair on Velazquez to fix sections of its cable there. The current plan calls for six pits to be dug on the east side of Velazquez from 5252 Velazquez to the intersection of Velazquez and Gelsomino. Between the repair vehicles and the pits, passage in these areas will be difficult and you are asked to avoid this stretch of Velazquez especially on these two dates.

The Board – and work crews – thank you in advance for being flexible and doing your part to ensure the project’s success!

Who to call with questions

For residents at 5117-5340 Velazquez: Kathy Mitton, 520-979-1218,

For residents at 5345-5560 Velazquez: Bill Coan, 920-470-3940,

For residents on Gelsomino:  Kiki Cheney, 520-704-2010,