Aug 072018

New member brings valuable perspective

The SMVE Architecture Committee has announced the appointment of Dave Robbins to its membership roster.

Dave and his wife, Karen Robbins, closed on their home in SMVE in January, 2016, in the middle of their second year snowbirding in Tucson. After 44 years in Connecticut, they relocated permanently from W. Hartford to Tucson in November of that year. Dave was a mathematics professor at Trinity College in Hartford for 42 years, and Karen was a nephrology nurse-educator at Hartford Hospital. She continues to be active in the American Nephrology Nurses Association, for whose journal she is associate editor. She also anticipates volunteering for SNAP. Dave still dabbles in mathematical research.

Dave’s perspective is informed by his snowbirding experience as well as by his more recent experience as a year-round resident of SMVE. If you see Dave around the neighborhood, please welcome him and thank him for joining in the committee’s efforts to fulfill its duties to the SMVE Board.

Dave takes the place of Guy Scharf, who is retiring from the committee after several years of service at all levels of involvement with the SMVE Board, including President of the Board. If you see Guy around the neighborhood, please thank him for his record of extremely valuable and dedicated service to SMVE.

The other members of the Architecture Committee are Joe Steiner and Bill Coan. Joe’s background consists of 34 years of teaching at high school and college levels. He moved to SMVE in 2012 and served on the SMVE Board for several years, both on the Safety and Security Committee and as Vice President. Bill is a retired software developer who serves as a mentor to vulnerable members of the greater community, including Syrian refugee families, adults suffering from mental illness, and prisoners re-entering society. He moved to SMVE in 2014 and began serving as chair of the Architecture Committee in February of 2018.

Like other homeowners in SMVE, the members of the Architecture Committee were attracted to SMVE by the beauty of the neighborhood’s natural setting and the architecture of its private dwellings.

The Architecture Committee is charged by the SMVE Board with helping homeowners improve the value and appearance of their homes in conformance with SMVE’s CC&Rs and Architectural Standards. For more information about the Architecture Committee and SMVE’s CC&Rs and Architectural Standards, visit SMVE Architecture.