Calling all art enthusiasts!

January 13, 2019  News
Jan 132019

Learn (more) about painting!

Saturday, January 26th
1 PM – 3 PM
in the clubhouse

Bring your friends!

Fred Wackerle is an accomplished artist (and SMVE resident) who is represented by Jane Hamilton Fine Arts. He will follow up on last April’s workshop with a demonstration and discussion that will cover:

  • how to look at a painting
  • how to copy from photographs or sketches
  • how to begin your painting
  • how to use values – the darkest dark and lightest light
  • how to mix and add colors
  • how to use the color wheel
  • the different materials you can use

After the workshop, everyone will be invited to discuss possible future events. If there is interest, Fred would be happy to provide a series of regularly scheduled artist workshops.


Contact Jane Spalding or Fred Wackerle.


Their contact information is in the SMVE Directory or on the flyer posted at the mailboxes.