Apr 172018


The Board meets on the third Monday of every month at 3:30 PM in the clubhouse, and all homeowners are welcome to attend. Below are some highlights from the April Board meeting:



  • Treasurer, Tom Kelley, reported we are on track with our operational expenses with 62k net spending.
  • Six homes are for sale in SMVE (which has 238 homes), and 3 of them have offers. 3 homes have been sold this year.

Committee Updates

Architecture Committee

  • Bill Coan and the architecture committee recommended including garage door standards in the Architectural Standards and this was approved. The committee articulated the existing undocumented standard (must be painted cliff brown, must be 8 raised panels, etc.) Architecture standards available on the website will be updated accordingly.
  • Architecture sought approval for maintenance-related fines. Examples of maintenance issues are garage doors that need painting, tipped over light posts, a gate that hangs off its hinges. The Board approved a fine of $10 a day for any violation that continues 45 days after notice is given.
  • Architecture also sought approval to increase the fine for structural changes.  Examples of a structural change is installing a new driveway or a wall or when a new structure is added without prior approval.  The Board approved a fine of $1,000/month for any violation that continues 60 days after a violation notice is issued.

Recreation Committee

  • Laura Franklin reported that “sleeves” will be put on the pool ladders to solve the problem of the powder coating disintegrating on some of the railings.
  • Laura noted that Water Aerobics has started.
  • Laura thanked the Hospitality Committee for all the wonderful events the volunteers have hosted this year. Jane Spalding, Hospitality Chair, said the committee loves to hear feedback (good and bad) about events, and encouraged everyone to contact her or other committee members.

Security Committee

  • Phil Mowbray summarized the security incidents that have occurred this year (cactus stolen out of yards, unlocked car rifled through, and an attempted break-in). He reminded everyone to be attentive to strangers and to lock cars parked on the street.

Roads Committee

  • Kathy Mitton (for Steve Struck) noted that roadwork on Velazquez is scheduled to begin May 2 and finish May 18th (approximately). Pulverization is scheduled for May 2 and May 3. Paving is scheduled for May 10, and driving on Velazquez that day will be prohibited. After May 10 speed bumps will be installed and lines will be painted. An alert will go out this week with more information to those affected by the road work.

Other News

  • The next hospitality event is scheduled for this Thursday (April 19th) at 5PM in the clubhouse. All are welcome!
  • Pam Negri reported that progress is being made on getting Pima County to pave Territory Drive between Gray Mountain Trail and Craycroft. Pam reported that Chuck Huckleberry recommended approval to move $16 million of 1997 bond funds to repair failed roads and Territory is on the official list of roads to be repaired. A big thank you to Pam for all her hard work in pushing for a repave of Territory!
  • The next board meeting will be on May 21.
✉ by Donna McBain Evans